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E-T-A is World Market Leader Champion 2017

Independent investigation of the St. Gallen University confirms our market position

The new world market leader index of the St. Gallen University and the Akademie Deutscher Weltmarktführer (academy of German world market leaders - ADWM) lists E-T-A as a world market leader champion 2017 in the segment of “circuit breakers for equipment protection and circuit protectors”.

“For nearly 70 years we are committed to protecting the lives and values of our customers with the help of our products. That we have now been granted impartial proof of our world market leadership makes us very happy and motivates our entire team all over the world to continue working on our role and consolidate our reputation”, say E-T-A Director Dr. Clifford Sell about the result.

World market leader index: top league of manufacturers

Under the scientific direction of Professor Dr. Christoph Müller, the Henri B. Meyer Business School of the St. Gallen University has developed the world market leader index in co-operation with the ADWM.Supported by their media partner Wirtschaftswoche, the initiators guarantee a neutral and transparent selection process, whose selection criteria and assessment values are open and freely accessible. The process includes criteria such as market share in the relevant world market, global activities, export share, headquarters and annual turnover.

From the point of view of principal investigator, Professor Dr. Christoph Müller from the HBM Business School of the St. Gallen University, world market leaders are globally active and successful companies, mostly with a leading technology and family ownership.