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System technology in vehicle engineering for platform manufacturers

Are you a platform manufacturer of special vehicles (trucks, trailers or pick-up trucks) and you search for solutions for optimum power distribution and protection of loads at overcurrent and short circuit?

As a specialist on the score of system technology we offer you flexible complete systems or single components which can efficiently be used also for small-size series applications.

In the range of vehicle engineering, we offer you:

  • Load protection by means of circuit breakers
  • Load protection by means of smart power relays
  • Power distribution system Power Board Modules
  • Central electrics
  • Power distribution systems with CAN-bus connection
  • Flexibility
  • User convenience
  • Remote access
  • Ergonomic design
  • Enhanced reliability

Examples of E-T-A solutions

Power management system for battery and tail-lift control


  • Requirement of a system to monitor the charge condition of the second battery of a trailer
  • Release of the tail-lift control depends on the loading condition
  • Overcurrent protection for charging cables and plug-in connectors
  • Voltage rating DC 24 V
  • Current rating of charging cable protection 50 A
  • Current rating tail-lift 75-300 A


  • Mounted in a moulded housing with protection degree IP65. Selection of housing form according to customer-specific installation area.
  • Connecting cables are led into the housing via fittings. A version with blade terminals is optionally available.
  • While the tail-lift is used, loading is switched off to avoid overloading of cable and plug.
  • If an overload is detected, the system switches off and will reset after a cool-down period.
  • There will be an acoustic alarm when the battery needs re-charging.

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Power distribution for Road Trains


  • Power distribution for the illumination and signal systems of a road train
  • The central electric circuit of the traction engine is too weak to be able to supply all trailers. Therefore a booster box is required.
  • According to the specifications of the car manufacturer, the power distribution shall comprise the connection of traction engines to truck trailers with 30 A to 12 V or 15 A to 24 V.
  • Connection via customer-specific connectors.
  • Resettable circuit breakers for all illumination and signalling systems.
  • Integral short circuit and overcurrent protection.
  • Reverse polarity protection must be ensured.
  • Average life span (MTBF) > 150,000 hrs.
  • Mechanical capacitance min. IEC529 (IP67).


  • The signals for rear lights, indicators left and right, reversing lamps and stop lights are boosted.
  • Realisation via mechanical relays.
  • Each relay is protected by a 1610 circuit breaker.
  • The lid can be opened without a tool.
  • Mounting on the rear of the traction engine.
  • Power supply via traction engine.
  • Relay activation via two custom designed 3-pole connectors from the traction engine.
  • A 7-pin connector (SAE J560) serves as load output, it is connected with the trailers.
  • Circuit breakers and relays are pluggable.

Robust design from power distribution ...


... to the connectors

CAN bus battery master switch


  • System as a main switch function (disconnection of battery and on-board electrical system)
  • Activation/control via CAN bus.
  • Voltage ratings: 12VDC or 24 VDC
  • Low voltage detection
  • Switch-on without time delay
  • Optional switch-off with adjustable time delay


  • MPR10 bistable power relay as a battery isolation switch
  • CANR-300 configurable multi-functional relay as control unit.
  • The power relay immediately disconnects upon detection of undervoltage. (No automatic re-start to increase safety).
  • Switching condition of the power relay can be reported back via CAN bus.
  • Activation can optionally be via CAN bus or via hardware switch.

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