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Visit us at BAUMA 2019: Compact Power Relays for professional use
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Visit us from the 08.-14. of April 2019 in Munich

BAUMA Plus, Hall A5, Stand 349/32
BAUMA CIA, Hall A2, Stand 337

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Compact Power Relays for professional use

The most energy-efficient monostable power relay – MPR20

  • Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emission due to an 90 % lower holding power
  • Flexible installation for demanding applications due to a robust, water- and dust-proof design

The lightest bistable power relay – MPR10

  • Robust reliability over the entire life span through the use of corrosion-free materials
  • Improved CO2 emission values through a holding power reduced to 0%

The smartest power relay – HPR10

  • Controlled voltage supply through programmable ON or OFF delay
  • Active battery management through undervoltage and overvoltage monitoring and optional load shedding

The most durable electronic power relay – EPR10

  • Maximum life span and minimum maintenance through wear-free switching
  • Tremendous space-savings through flat design with optimised heat management

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Electrify the power train of construction machinery

The HVR10 is a powerful high voltage relay in a compact design. It combines physical isolation of an electro-mechanical contact with the capabilities of ultramodern semi-conductor technology.

  • Multiple disconnections even in critical situations up to 2,000 A at 1,000 V
  • Enhanced protection of the on-board electrical system through integral fault detection and indication
  • Minimum wear through arc-free switching

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Intelligent and compact power distribution in vehicles

More intelligence and less installation space are topical subjects in the construction machinery industry today. The smart and compact power distribution system SCS200 allows decentralised control and monitoring of loads via the CAN bus.

  • Enhanced reliability and connectivity through diagnostic functions and CAN connection
  • Reduction of wiring time through plug-and-play design
  • Space-savings through a compact IP66/IP67-rated housing

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Customer-specific and comprehensive solutions for power distribution and protection

What system engineering »made by E-T-A« means for you: You get your desired product much faster, because E-T-A offers all services from one source: From the initial concept to the complete engineering design, from mechanical to electronic components and even user interfaces.

Your benefits

  • short project lead times allow quick availability of product
  • ideally matched components eliminate time-consuming tests
  • custom designed solutions become profitable even at low volumes

We offer

  • mechanical components: enclosures, connecting technology, cable management and components
  • hardware: printed circuit board layout, user interfaces, control units and signal processing
  • software: bus communication, protocol technology and supportive functions

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BAUMA Plus, Hall A5, Stand 349/32

BAUMA CIA, Hall A2, Stand 337