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Learn more about the latest developments in the areas of circuit breaker technology, system engineering and power distribution systems.

SPR10-T: Protecting - switching - signalling

Reliable switching operation with overcurrent protection - the SPR10-T is a solid state remote power controller and is suitable for DC 12 V and DC 24 V applications.

A special feature of the SPR10-T is that it combines switching and protecting functions in a single device. In addition, it offers status indication by means of LED and status output.


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Thermal circuit breaker 3120-N: All-in-one solution

Protecting and switching in a single component!

For many design engineers it is the perfect solution to make their equipment reliable, compact and economic - all at once. The 3120-N thermal circuit breaker is the professional all-in-one solution for devices and machines. Well-proven a million times over, the 3120 reliably disconnects overcurrent and also serves as an ON/OFF switch...

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ESS30-S – electronic circuit breaker
Now available with adjustable current ratings

The plug-in type ESS30-S electronic circuit breaker is a “low energy breaker” which is now also available with adjustable current ratings.

It individually adapts to the current load conditions and combines standard-compliant physical isolation with active linear current limitation. ...


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Folded perfection: E-T-A’s 3120-N with new innovative accordion-style seal (IP65)

E-T-A’s 3120 circuit breaker works as an ON/OFF switch in machinery and devices. It also provides reliable disconnection in the event of an overcurrent. After tripping due to an overcurrent, the user can easily and quickly reset the 3120-N to resume operation.

Time-consuming replacement of fuses is eliminated. Now, the well-proven classic presents itself with a new accordion-style seal...

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REX12D-TE2 – electronic overcurrent protection
One type for all current ratings

E-T-A’s new REX12D-TE2 electronic overcurrent protection combines unrivalled flexibility, enabled by adjustable current ratings from 1A to 10A with a slim design of only 6.25 mm per channel.

Easy adjustment of the current ratings via IO link or Modbus RTU or with a button directly on the device...

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Electronic circuit protector reduces machine downtimes in drive engineering

New development for DC48V motor protection – ESX10-TC-101-DC48V
The new electronic circuit protector ESX10-TC-101-DC48V has especially been designed for the protection of power trains such as DC motors, multiphase motors, servomotors and their control technology and offers unrivalled stability regarding selective protection of several loads connected to a DC48V supply....


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REX-System: All-in-one Solution

Supply, overcurrent protection and power distribution in a single system

E-T-A’s compact and flexible REX system represents a comprehensive DC 24 V protection and distribution solution for machine and panel builders, under the headline »all in one«.

Read more about the benefits of our all-in-one solution...

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Type EBU is a world first - the solution for reliable power safety

E-T-A unveils a world first: the EBU (Electronic Breaker Unit), a newly designed hybrid protective element for a stable energy security of UPS systems.

UPS means “uninterruptible power supply”. These systems are used to ensure permanent power supply even in the event of a mains failure ...

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