Competence and know how

Meet the Executive Committee

Director Dr. Clifford Sell represents the third generation to run the company. He is supported by the Corporate Management Team consisting of Ralf Dietrich, Manfred Kiefl, Christian Kube, Dr. Jennifer Sell, Hans A Thiel and Gabriele Zange.
The team represents diverse functional areas of E-T-A, including the Financial Department, Purchasing, Quality Management and Information Systems, Design, Production, Markets, Sales and Human Resources. Together with Dr. Clifford Sell the Corporate Management Team is responsible for setting the basic strategic course.

This modern type of leadership allows nimble, constructive and balanced decision making in the privately owned company E-T-A. It is therefore fundamentally viable for continuing E-T-A's success story.

Photo (from left to right): Dr. Clifford Sell, Hans A. Thiel, Gabriele Zange, Christian Kube, Dr. Jennifer Sell, Ralf Dietrich, Manfred Kiefl