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As the global market leader for protection against overcurrent and short circuit and as technology leader for solid state relays, we are renowned for the design of robust and extremely reliable products, particularly for off-road vehicles.

E-T-A products in construction machinery, agricultural vehicles and forestry equipment ensure professional solutions for the protection of electrical loads and power units such as motors, pumps, air conditioning compressors or illumination.

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12. - 18. November 2017 in Hanover
hall 17, stand no. 17B06

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Our product highlights presented at the AGRITECHNICA:

ESR10 Micro – a powerful automotive solid state relay

ESR10 Micro – KFZ-Halbleiter-Steck-Relais, das stärkste seiner Arte

The ESR10 Micro 30 A features a compact Micro design and is the most powerful automotive solid state relay of its kind. With regard to self-heating (-30%), number of switching cycles (> 1,000,000), switching frequency or robustness, it easily outranges mechanical equivalents.

Your benefits:

  • Maintenance-free, because the design is highly insensitive to environmental influences
  • Semi-conductor technology allows faster and more frequent switching than a mechanical system could stand
  • Reduced temperature rise in the power distribution system by up to 30%

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EXR10 – special solid state and timer relays

Modern controlgear offers a wealth of functionalities and options. However, there are always functions which must be available even if the ignition is off or the ignition key was removed. The miniaturised EXR10 control unit offers smart functions – even without controlgear.

Your benefits:

  • Reduction of system costs by including functions into a smart relay without changing the basic design
  • High reliability through a robust design, resistant against dust and vibration
  • 17 functionalities and even more combination options can be configured on our website, tailor-made to your needs. We can offer the suitable alternative for any application

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HPR10 – the power relay for switching high currents

The HPR10 is the hybrid version, a relay in combination with its own electronic control unit. The electronic circuitry provides smart control of the bistable electrical mechanism, e.g. level- or pulse-controlled, as well as timer functions such as ON or OFF delays, ranging from seconds to hours.

Your benefits:

  • Reduction of CO2 emission through significantly reduced holding current and low weight compared to conventional relays
  • High availability through reliable and robust design, high resistance against water and dust ingress

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EPR10 – Electronic semi-conductor power relay

The EPR proves that solid state relays are a viable and powerful alternative to mechanical relays even with high current ratings. The EPR10 is equally suitable for inductive loads, capacitive loads and lamp loads. The perfectly balanced parallel connection of high-end semi-conductors ensures a very low internal resistance and/or a minimised power loss.

Your benefits:

  • Longer life span than conventional mechanical relays
  • Up to 80% less installation space compared to conventional solid state relays, because no heat sink is required
  • Overcurrent and short circuit protection optionally available, replacing the blade fuse in the auxiliary path and reducing system complexity

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1620 and 1170 thermal automotive circuit breakers

The extremely compact 1620 thermal automotive circuit breaker and the powerful 1170 are used in application conditions where reliability and availability around the clock are of the essence.

Your benefits:

  • High availability because no replacement fuses are required
  • Fit for universal use, no matter which terminal block system is used
  • Time-saving because downtimes are reduced after failures due to automatic reset function

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